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Tips to Sell Your House or Condo Fast in Toronto

Tips to Sell Your House or Condo Fast in Toronto
Toronto is a city that needs no introduction. It’s one of the country’s best cities to live in
terms of quality of life and growth. It also has one of the hottest real estate markets in
Canada. From January 2 to January 30, 2022, the average home sold in the city for a
whopping $1.1 million, a 23.8% increase from the same period last year.
Yet, despite the high costs of properties in Toronto, there is also a significant supply. MLS
stats reveal over 3,500 listings in the 28-day period between January 2 and 30. Homes that
sold spent an average of 15 days on the market, which is not as low as some other cities in
Ontario. This goes to show that while demand for houses is high in Toronto, so is the supply,
which means it is not always easy to sell your house or condo fast in the city. This is why a
lot of homeowners are turning to cash buyers as they are a faster option to purchase homes
compared to the traditional methods. In this article, you will learn:
● Tips to sell your house or condo in Toronto quickly
● The fastest option to sell a property in Toronto
● The condition your home needs to be in before you sell it
● Where to find cash buyers in Ontario
Tips to Sell Your Home Fast in Toronto
Find The Right Timing
There are lots of factors to consider when you want to sell your home fast, and timing is one
of them. Not all seasons are alike in terms of people’s desire to spend top dollar on
purchasing a property. In general, spring and summer are better times to list your home
since the weather is nice enough to encourage people to come and view the property as
opposed to the cold winters.
Along with that, summer is when many families try to relocate before the start of the new
school year. If, however, you are in a hurry and you want to sell fast, then you need to act
quickly instead of waiting for the right season.
Ask Yourself: Am I Ready to Sell?
You need to figure out if you have the time and resources to relocate or move out once you
find a buyer. The last thing you want is to list your home on the market and accept an offer,
only to discover that you aren’t ready to move on, whether that’s financially or emotionally.
Selling your home means you will leave a home behind and a lot of memories, and you need
to be confident you’re up for this step on all levels.

Hire the Right Realtor
There are other options if you want to sell your home, but one of the fastest is to hire an
experienced realtor with knowledge of your area. From Downtown Toronto to Yorkville, each
area has realtors who know what houses and condos sold for recently, and they can help
you set the right price and find buyers. Make sure your agent has great previous client
testimonials and enough experience in the market –– you don’t really want to try your luck
with an inexperienced realtor. The downside to hiring realtors is the fact that they’ll charge a
commission averaging 5%, which adds up to thousands of dollars. However, you get to sit
back and let someone handle the entire sale for you.
Clean the Property
Buyers want to view clean homes with a lot of light coming into the place. Start with the curb
appeal and have your lawn properly trimmed. The outside part of your home is the first thing
people view, and it has to be perfect. Then, remove clutter from around your house or condo
so it would look bigger and more inviting. This means clearing closets and possibly removing
old, unpleasant-looking furniture pieces. Lastly, you need to have the place thoroughly
cleaned in preparation for buyers visiting.
Make Some Changes
Cleanliness aside, potential buyers may want to have the property appraised, and if you
want to sell your home fast, you need to fix any problems before they find them. You don’t
need to completely remodel, but you should give faded walls a fresh coat of paint and fix
broken windows, tiles and that leaky roof. These minor changes go a long way toward giving
your home a new, shiny look that potential buyers would welcome.
Keep Location in Mind
One last thing you have to remember before you list your home is the location restrictions.
Suburban areas and lakeside towns like Davisville Village and Seaton Village don’t have the
same active housing markets as locations closer to downtown Toronto, like The Annex, so
trying to sell a house or condo there might prove challenging. This is another case where
cash buyers come in handy as they will still make offers for properties in suburban locations,
sparing you from having to wait weeks to find a typical buyer.
What Can I Do to Sell a House that Won’t Sell?
The answer to that question is to find cash buyers. Even if you have the best realtor in the
neighbourhood trying to sell your house, condo, or second home, the property might still be
listed for weeks with no real offers. If that is the case, you should look for cash home buyers
in Ontario. They are individuals or businesses that buy homes to resell or rent in the future,
and so they are significantly less picky than ordinary buyers who will view dozens of homes
before choosing one.
Many homeowners looking to sell their cottages fast will often turn to cash home buyers
instead of waiting months for the right buyer.

With Ontario’s hot real estate market, you are guaranteed to generate interest from cash
home buyers, whether it is a brand new condo near Dundas Square or a small cottage off of
Lake Ontario. The cash home buyer will have your home appraised and get back to you with
an offer 24 hours later, making it the perfect opportunity if you wish to sell your house or
condo in Toronto as fast as possible.
What Are My Quickest Options?
Cash offers are your fastest option for selling your home because a cash buyer doesn’t need
bank approvals to pay for your home, they can pay for it out of pocket. Cash home buyers
can have the paperwork signed and the deal closed within a week after you accept their
offer, making them by far the quickest way to sell your home in Canada.
Another upside of dealing with cash home buyers is that you pay no commission since you
deal directly with them, so you’ll hire no real estate agent.
Other Methods People Use to Sell Homes in Toronto
There is another option that you can try to sell your home: for sale by the owner, or FSBO.
This approach entails handling the process on your own without a realtor’s help. The good
news is you don’t pay any commission, but this is because you will have to do everything a
realtor does, from marketing the home to negotiating offers and showing interested people
around your place. FSBO gives you more control over the deal but can be extremely time-
consuming and takes a lot of effort.
Find a Cash Home Buyer in Toronto to Sell Your Home Fast
For many homeowners in Toronto, cash home buyers offer flexibility and speed that are
unmatched in the real estate industry, which is particularly important if you wish to sell your
home fast to settle debts or purchase a new home. Cash home buyers usually don’t
advertise their services so it can be hard to think of places to find them, but you don’t need
to look far.
To find a cash home buyer near you, try going online and searching for ‘companies that buy
houses for cash’ or ‘we buy houses for cash’. If you want to learn more about cash buyers
and how you can sell your house or condo fast in Toronto without spending all day searching
for them, simply call Me CINDY WEN, Re/Max Real Estate Broker 647-204-5336 or any Mortgage Loan questions contact Ron,Mortgage Broker Store at 416-499-2122 
We can connect you with cash home buyers in Toronto and across Ontario to find a tailored solution for your unique situation.

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